The Value of Questions

“Do you love God most?”

“Why are you crying?”

“What would it take to…?”

“Why does that make you so sad?”

Questions are powerful.

In recent years as I have navigated discerning different aspects of life, including relationship with God, the vocation of marriage, career, and personal vocation, I have been blessed with different types of mentors along the way. Something that stands out is that seemingly simple questions have the capacity to reflect layers of myself back to me. My responses stick with me, and I begin to see patterns throughout life and consider next steps.

My mentors did not need to tell me what they perceived as the responses. Instead, they asked me questions and gave space to answer so that my replies would help me to process through the roots and implications. Sometimes I had an immediate response, and other times, it was about planting a seed for me to be aware of and consider over time.

Through questions like this I have reflected on the role of the desire to get it right or the challenge of recognizing my human limitations mean that I will never be able to comprehensively provide all that I would like to for my family. Questions can reveal a desire of my heart and then help me to recognize where I am at in relation to the desire in order to open up my heart to ponder possibilities to enact dreams one step at a time.

They have led me towards a shift from trying to get it right to viewing life as an adventure with Jesus as my guide. They have made me realize that even if everything I desire does not feel possible, I can start where I am at and slowly layer in different pieces with a strong sense of what is and is not within my control during different seasons of life. They have helped me step out of my comfort zone and to better surrender to God, growing in trust along the way with gratitude for God’s providence.

Questions nurture growth.

Questions for Reflection:

  • Which mentors have asked you valuable questions to aid in on-going reflection?
  • What questions have stuck with you and been powerful tools for revealing yourself to you?
  • Who do you have in your life that can ask you questions and give you space to process through the layers of response?
  • For whom can you listen well and then ask short, simple questions?

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I am confident of this, that the one who began a good work in you will continue to complete it until the day of Christ Jesus. (Philippians 1:6)

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